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Partnering during a Pandemic: Supporting Education When School is at the Kitchen Table

Six weeks. 

As adults, we can reflect on our increased or decreased work loads, our loneliness or frustration with too much communication, and our access or lack of access to food.  For some, this time is having a positive impact on their physical health, mental health, and family relationships, for others it is not.  We can think about this and talk about this, and it is good to do so.
But what about the kids?
If you have children or youth or young adults in your home, and perhaps you are now navigating their educational life as well as every other aspect of their lives, you know that the kids are struggling with all the worries and feelings and good stuff and bad stuff surrounding this pandemic.
If you are connected with children and youth and young adults in El Salvador, perhaps you are wondering what their situations are like right now, what their worries are, how they are receiving education, or if they have enough food.  As ministry leaders or scholarship sponsors, you may also …

Just Click: Covid-19 Diversion Episode

Here are a few pics from the camera roll from January, February and March 2020.  Community Art:  The View from the Passenger Seat.