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Remember Señor Tomás

January - a time for snow-covered everything, a kitchen full of repeatedly zipped and un-zipped suitcases, and dreams of Missions of Healing gone by.  Literally, dreams about Missions of Healing.  This is the time of year when every day includes emails in Spanish to and from El Salvador, final orientation meetings for the US team, tweaking the itinerary based on a need here or an emergency there, and squeezing letters and cards from one sister church to another into already stuffed suitcases. So, it is not surprising that days spent with Mission of Healing prep sprinkled into every nook and cranny of spare time and truthfully gobbling up some big chunks of time, I spend some nighttime hours and daydream hours with visions of healers and the stuff of healing dancing in my head. This week, I have been remembering Señor Tomás.  Señor Tomás is legendary, at least in El Salvador.  One only needs to mention his name in our sister church community or in the Bishop's presence, and the