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Happy National Pupusa Day!

I am not sure if I have written much about pupusas, but I do love to eat them!  Since today, November 14th is National Pupusa Day in El Salvador, I decided to search the word "pupusa" in my Google photos to see what I would find.  Although Google could not really tell the difference between my photos of pupusas and those of tortillas, I was sort of impressed that the search feature identified any pupusa photos at all. If you are not familiar with pupusas, I am sorry.  They are delicious. The basic idea is to put soft, white cheese and other optional ingredients inside a tortilla and cook it on a griddle.  Common options are plain cheese, bean and cheese, cheese with shredded ayote (sort of like zucchinni) or chipilĂ­n, or cheese with beans and pork rinds. You can really put anything inside a pupusa.  Once, at a pupueria in Washington DC, I had a lobster and cheese pupusa. The masa or dough can be made from corn flour or rice flour, and depending on where you are in El Salvador