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Saint Romero of the Americas

In honor of the canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero as a recognized Saint in the Roman Catholic faith, I would like to share a few photos from my collection.  Romero's words, actions and faith inspire Christians and advocates of social justice across boundaries of country, culture and denomination.  Our very first visit with our Lutheran sister church in El Salvador.  Note the poster of Archbishop Romero on the front wall.  The community is named Heroes in the Faith.  The first street in the community is named for MonseƱor Romero. A simple painting of Romero in a community named for Rutilio Grande Lutheran women from a small rural community visiting Romero's home Rutilio Grande poster, Fernando Llort boxes, "Flat Martin" (Martin Luther) in a handmade clay cup commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and a Romero candle. Can you identify these 4 men? Palm Sunday 2018 at our Lutheran Church in El Salvador - Don't kill Prop

Tales of The Grandfather: God Sends Angels

It was during the war.  The Grandfather had been detained several times by the military, but thankfully he had always been released.  The military conducted their operations in the zone, and The Grandfather conducted his operations as well.  His work was the work of the church - to accompany the people and defend their human rights. One day, The Grandfather went to a small town to check on his people.  A military squad had arrived early, while it was still dark.  The soldiers conducted their "operation" of knocking on doors, pulling people out of their homes, rummaging through people's belongings, tossing belongings into the street, and supposedly looking for weapons.  It was "pure harassment," according to The Grandfather.  When The Grandfather arrived, soldiers detained him at the edge of town.  The Grandfather tried to convince the soldiers that he had a right to be with the people because he was their pastor.  The soldiers refused to let him pass.  Sudde

Just Click: Flags of September Give Way to Winds of October

There were many sights this past month that did not get captured for posterity.  The reality is that sometimes it is a little too dangerous to pull out a phone to snap a pic.  More often, however, it simply seems too rude to take a photo.  I frequently identify something as odd or funny or extraordinary because it is culturally different from things I identify as "normal" in my native country.  And, there are plenty of times when something stands out as photo-worthy to me and my Salvadoran friends as we travel the roads together... These little chicken trucks have suddenly appeared on the streets of San Salvador.  The box part is built on the back of one of those 3-wheel taxis.  When it turns a corner it looks like it will just topple over. The bridge on the longitudinal highway is still under construction, a year after a flash flood wiped it out.  So, that means... You have to drive on a dirt path through the river, unless it's raining.  Then  you just can&