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Just Click: We Still Don't Get Out Much

In El Salvador, perhaps like wherever we may be, the pandemic still impacts our decisions about gathering in one place or another.  During our recent brief time in El Salvador, we mostly stayed home.  No large group gatherings are permitted.  Eating outdoors still seemed fairly safe, so we met up with a friend here or there.  Worship in a mostly open-air setting seemed on the edge of safe.   As we drove around a bit in San Salvador and from home to church, a few things caught my eye.  So, while most visits to El Salvador remain virtual, here are a few images taken from my car window which might trigger a memory or just make you chuckle. These typically white trucks can maneuver in traffic, park in teeny spots,  and carry pretty heavy loads.  Looks like this little guy has had his share of road adventures. The other way to move things is like this. The clouds were moving in, but luckily they dropped just a few sprinkles.  Unluckily, when the truck took this left turn, a plastic bin of w

A Quiet August Festival

 If you live in El Salvador or have visited El Salvador, perhaps you have experienced  Las Fiestas Agostinas  - The August Festivals.   In my native Milwaukee vernacular, I would say Las Fiestas Agostinas are like a mash-up of State Fair, summer festivals, the Great Circus Parade and a trip up north. Oh, and Jesus. For the Christian faithful, the central focus is (or sort of is) Jesus. The August festivals are centered around the fiesta patronal  or patron saint celebration in San Salvador. The patron saint of San Salvador is Jesus, Divine Savior of the World, and this manifestation of Jesus is celebrated specifically on August 6th with a solemn mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral. August 6th is a national holiday throughout the country.   In the capital city, there are 3 locally designated celebration days when streets and parks host all kinds of special events, a big midway is set up in the Estadio Cuscatl├ín parking lot and a circus appears in a nearby empty lot. August 3rd is typical