Just Click: We Still Don't Get Out Much

In El Salvador, perhaps like wherever we may be, the pandemic still impacts our decisions about gathering in one place or another.  During our recent brief time in El Salvador, we mostly stayed home.  No large group gatherings are permitted.  Eating outdoors still seemed fairly safe, so we met up with a friend here or there.  Worship in a mostly open-air setting seemed on the edge of safe.  

As we drove around a bit in San Salvador and from home to church, a few things caught my eye.  So, while most visits to El Salvador remain virtual, here are a few images taken from my car window which might trigger a memory or just make you chuckle.

These typically white trucks can maneuver in traffic, park in teeny spots, 
and carry pretty heavy loads.  Looks like this little guy has had his share of road adventures.

The other way to move things is like this. The clouds were moving in,
but luckily they dropped just a few sprinkles.  Unluckily, when the truck took this left
turn, a plastic bin of what looked like school papers and notebooks took 
a tumble, broke and scattered its contents across the road,
and there really wasn't a good way to help them out.

Moving your mattresses? Sure, just tie them up top, hold on with one
hand, and drive with the other.  Yeah, that's safe.

Now this is how you move mattresses.  I seriously always get
a kick out of seeing these colorful stacks of colchones. 

Speaking of colorful, this little stretch of road offers a big 
variety of items for purchase. This entrepreneur works here quite often,
and she is wisely protecting herself from the sun and wearing
bright colors while walking in traffic.  I just like her style.

We often see bikers along this stretch of highway in Valle de Ángel.
It is a very long, slow uphill climb into San Salvador.  When we pass them by,
we usually say, "God bless you, bikers" with a tone of real respect.

Of course we have to check out the latest billboards at the roundabout:
Burger King is still advertising wads of meat with a mushroom teriyaki burger.
The 3 Little Pigs place says it's 3 times more "rico" - like delicious.
More delicious than Burger King? Probably.  Personally, I go for the 
quesadilla (cake) being sold at the stand on the left.

Speaking of pork, my husband said, "Hey, there's Oink Oink."
"That's new." I said. "I wonder if it's the guy who used to 
grill sausage on the street."
Nope, we saw sausage guy later.  It really smells like he
is grilling bratwurst. Not sure if we will ever try Oink Oink.

"You don't see that very often," said my husband.
"What?"  Oh, then I saw it.
Can you figure out what caught our eye?

How many aguas de coco can people sell?
Seriously, they are everywhere!

Do you see any safety concerns in this photo?
Perhaps the woman on the right does not seem too stable in case of sudden stop or start.
The guy in the truck on the left seems stable enough.
Can we say, flammable?

And, of course guarding flammable tanks with
a loaded weapon casually hanging across your shoulder seems like a good
idea, right? At least he is wearing a face mask (you can't see it too well, but
he turned to the side, and he was definitely protected from those tanks giving him COVID).

New cute vehicle alert!
What will he haul...?

If you have traveled down Constitution, you probably remember the USAID mural
which used to be on this wall.  Well, it has been repainted with this. 
Youth painting events are a good thing, and so
maybe this was just a great space for a recent event.
Or, maybe not.


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