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Mission of Healing 2013

In the time of the Gospel, Jesus walked to where the sick people were.  He went inside.  The people came, carried on little stretchers and walking by foot.  Their small beds were lined up outside the door of the house.  The people waited and waited, and Jesus healed and healed and healed.   In our time, you come here by airplane.  The people come in vehicles and they line up inside and outside the door.  They wait and Jesus heals.  He heals and he heals.  This is the power of God. Pastor Martir, quietly reflecting  on  the Mission of Healing  We have almost concluded another Mission of Healing in El Salvador.  On Monday, we will return to the women's prison to give needed medications to the women who received healing a week ago, and we will give two big boxes of medications to the prison pharmacy.  The women will be surprised to see us, two women from the US and two pastors from the Salvadoran Lutheran Church.  The women told us that no one keeps promises.  Maybe these sm

Mission of Healing in the Women's Prison

This morning we entered the prison.  This afternoon we left the prison.  During one brief day, our small team cared for 93 women and provided a few happy moments to about 50 young moms and their little children. I was there as a translator, working with a nurse practitioner.  Our first patient was Lucita, a woman in her late 40's. Her body was framed by a red metal wheelchair.  A white cloth was tied around a small dressing which the practitioner carefully removed by sprinkling a little water on the sticky gauze.  "I bumped my leg.  This sore won't heal.  I can't control my bladder.  I can't feel my hand.  I am very worried about my sight, I can't see well and it is getting worse."  One arm had been amputated near the elbow.  One leg had already been lost.  The worry on her face was justified.  After years of living with untreated diabetes, there was nothing we could do to save her leg.  She needs a miracle. The quality of life for a woman in the women