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The Woman in the Red Dress

I cannot remember her name.  It makes me sad and a little embarrassed.  I remember her as the "Woman in the Red Dress." She walked over to our tent in the heat of the afternoon.  We were wrapping up our activities at the Feria de Bienestar Familiar (Family Wellness Fair) for the day.  It was hot.  Very hot.  The Woman in the Red Dress said she was thirsty.  We could see that she was more than thirsty.  She was dehydrated to the point of not being steady on her feet.  Our own water bottles were empty, except for the lab tech's.  Our lab tech is a no-nonsense woman with a brusque manner and compassionate heart.  She gave up the last of her own water, quickly located some bags of water and directed the Woman in the Red Dress to drink it up.   I remembered the dress and the woman from a year ago, two years ago.  It's funny how the memory of a red dress can stick in the mind.  The woman's dress reminds me of a red dress which I wore as a little girl - a dress f