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It's Wandering Week! Let's take a walk in the center of San Salvador

Metropolitan Cathedral as seen from inside the National Palace (©2023) The historic center of San Salvador is an absolutely great place for walking. Grab your hat and a water bottle. Take a bus, take an Uber or take your car. Wander the pedestrian walkways, hang out in the plazas, and take in a few sites along the way. There are cafes, hole-in-the-wall eateries and some great new restaurants where you can grab lunch, coffee or an early supper. Day or night, the city center is a safe place to wander. (As always, use common sense, and remember it is most fun to go with friends).  Beautiful artwork can sometimes be found in unlikely locations. When walking, look around at the famous things, and also, keep your eyes open for unexpected beauty. This painting is just outside of the rather rustic parking garage, facing Plaza Morazán. (©2023) If you have your own vehicle, I recommend parking in the parking garage which is located next to the National Theater, off of Plaza Morazán. Wander aroun

It's Wandering Week! Let's walk around a lagoon

El Salvador is a land of volcanoes - a land of volcanoes and of craters and of lagoons. Some lagoons are mostly known by photographs, like the elusive green lagoon which rests inside crater of the Santa Ana Volcano (The lagoon is often hidden in the clouds, disappointing hikers who make the long trek to the summit.) Some lagoons, like the large crater lakes Ilopango and Coatepeque are very accessible for tourists and locals who want to enjoy some fun on the water or along the shore. Some lagoons are remembered for what they left behind as they evaporated or drained away, like at the base of El Boquerón or El Jardín Botánico La Laguna (literally named "The Lagoon Botanical Garden." And, some lagoons, like the one featured in this story, are just the right size and shape to circumnavigate and explore in a walk of an hour or two. One recent, sunny Saturday morning, we drove east from San Salvador to Usulután for a day of fun with some friends. Our activities were centered ar

It's Wandering Week! Let's take a walk in our neighborhood park

Finding a place to take a walk in the city can be a little challenging. Sidewalks are rugged, sometimes downright treacherous. Anyone who has gone on a delegation walk with me to a restaurant or the mall knows the rule about calling out hazards so everyone in the walking line is aware of them. No one wants to fall into a random hole, never to be seen again. Fortunately, San Salvador has a lot of great public green spaces, including well-known spots like Parque Cuscatlán or Parque Bicentenario . Perhaps lesser known by visitors, but well-used by neighbors are the myriad of small playgrounds, walking paths and picnic spots which are tucked behind walls or nestled into oddly shaped street corners in the neighborhoods. One day, a friend of ours mentioned that she goes to a park with her husband to exercise when it is cool, in the early morning.  She said it's great because mostly old people go there, and the gate opens at 6 AM. Well, OK, I guess I am sort of old at this point. She said

It's Wandering Week! Let's take a walk on Cerro Verde

A lovely walk at the top of Cerro Verde Today's wandering walk takes place a bit of a drive west of San Salvador in Parque Nacional Cerro Verde. To be clear, this park is the jumping off point for some serious trekking (with guides) up the Santa Ana (Ilamatepec) Volcano or the Izalco Volcano. Cerro Verde (of the three volcanoes, it is the extinct one) also offers a relatively easy guided trek which takes hikers through old and new growth forest, down into the crater and back up again. But this story is offers a different perspective on the Cerro Verde experience: no hiking poles needed! Our goal: walk, relax, enjoy nature. We drove up to the park on a dry March afternoon, on the date of the new moon, in order to spend the night and do some star gazing in a place far away from city lights. By allowing for plenty of time to wander without the rush of heading out on a formal hike, we learned more about the park as a wonderful location for a leisurely stroll or a picnic, and that it is