It's Wandering Week! Let's take a walk in our neighborhood park

Finding a place to take a walk in the city can be a little challenging. Sidewalks are rugged, sometimes downright treacherous. Anyone who has gone on a delegation walk with me to a restaurant or the mall knows the rule about calling out hazards so everyone in the walking line is aware of them. No one wants to fall into a random hole, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, San Salvador has a lot of great public green spaces, including well-known spots like Parque Cuscatlán or Parque Bicentenario. Perhaps lesser known by visitors, but well-used by neighbors are the myriad of small playgrounds, walking paths and picnic spots which are tucked behind walls or nestled into oddly shaped street corners in the neighborhoods.

One day, a friend of ours mentioned that she goes to a park with her husband to exercise when it is cool, in the early morning.  She said it's great because mostly old people go there, and the gate opens at 6 AM. Well, OK, I guess I am sort of old at this point. She said maybe she would see us there sometime, especially since it is really close to where we live. Recommendation and invitation are the best ways to find the hidden treasures in a Salvadoran neighborhood, whether you live there or are visiting.

So, on an early morning, we went to a well-hidden gem of a neighborhood park. We did run into our friend and her husband there. We walked 12,000 steps and chatted together about which plants are good for natural remedies and what cute things our grandchildren are doing (as old people tend to do). In between walking and talking, I grabbed a few photos. "I will probably write a little story about this place for my blog," I quipped. "It's lovely."

Many small parks in San Salvador and other cities are now labeled on Google maps. Some even have their own Facebook pages. If you are visiting an area, it is always a good idea to check with local families or your hotel manager to make sure it is safe to walk to the park and within the park. Confirm the hours during which the park is open and if the park has a monitored gate (this point is particularly important if you are going to walk alone).

To learn about another neighborhood park which we enjoy, check out Let's Go for a Walk.


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