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Off the Beaten Path: The Corn Grinder

Hello Readers... Sorry it has been a little while since my last post.  As a local urban gardening coordinator and new grandma, I have had a few things taking me away from my writing.  Thanks for reading and commenting on some of my old stories during my haiatus! La Molina .  Whether the curved base and rolling stone, or the electric grinding machine, or the even the building which houses the grinding machine, it most often seems to be called  La Molina. If you look in the dictionary or come from another Spanish speaking culture, you probably use  el molino as the translation for "corn grinder."  I wonder about this, why in El Salvador the corn grinder took on the feminine article.  It seems appropriate and respectful of the hands of the women, who for centuries have passed hours rubbing or cutting kernels from the cob and more hours moving stone over stone to grind the kernels into masa  to make tortillas or pupusas. Corn is life, in El Salvador as in so many cultu