Saint Romero of the Americas

In honor of the canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero as a recognized Saint in the Roman Catholic faith, I would like to share a few photos from my collection.  Romero's words, actions and faith inspire Christians and advocates of social justice across boundaries of country, culture and denomination. 

Our very first visit with our Lutheran sister church in El Salvador.  Note the
poster of Archbishop Romero on the front wall.  The community is named
Heroes in the Faith.  The first street in the community is named for Monseñor Romero.

A simple painting of Romero in a community named for Rutilio Grande
Lutheran women from a small rural community visiting Romero's home

Rutilio Grande poster, Fernando Llort boxes,
"Flat Martin" (Martin Luther) in a handmade clay
cup commemorating the 500th anniversary of the
Reformation, and a Romero candle.

Can you identify these 4 men?
Palm Sunday 2018 at our Lutheran Church in El Salvador - Don't kill
Prophet of the people, Mons. Oscar Arnulfo Romero
The history wall at the park of the Monument to Truth and Reconciliation.
Archbishop Oscar Romero is centered among those who set the course
of history in El Salvador.
In 2015, we attended the beatification ceremony for Oscar Romero and you might like to revisit that story today.


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