Just Click: Flags of September Give Way to Winds of October

There were many sights this past month that did not get captured for posterity.  The reality is that sometimes it is a little too dangerous to pull out a phone to snap a pic.  More often, however, it simply seems too rude to take a photo.  I frequently identify something as odd or funny or extraordinary because it is culturally different from things I identify as "normal" in my native country.  And, there are plenty of times when something stands out as photo-worthy to me and my Salvadoran friends as we travel the roads together...

These little chicken trucks have suddenly appeared on the streets of San Salvador.  The box part is built on the back of one of those 3-wheel taxis.  When itturns a corner it looks like it will just topple over.
The bridge on the longitudinal highway is still under construction, a year
after a flash flood wiped it out.  So, that means...

You have to drive on a dirt path through the river, unless it's raining.  Then you just can't go this way.

Speaking of rain, check out the motorcycle in the middle of this city street
during a typical September downpour.
Aces Hardware and a US Interstate logo advertising what I think is a specialty bakery featuring puddings and other treats.  Borrowing USlogos is not uncommon.
Rice drying on the road.  It is still in its husk.

Once dry, the rice is swept up and put into bags.

The rice is loaded on a truck and taken to the mill where the husks are removed.
There are so many odd things tied to the tops of cars and trucks...
Happy Civic Month!  The torogoz is El Salvador's national bird.
Last patriotic parade...until next September! (Yes, the main road to the north was closed again!)


  1. love the pics not very often do find these things in Vermont


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