Off the Beaten Path: El Churrasco

Photo by Evelyn
The owner is a big guy, super friendly.  He came out to greet us and to make sure we were comfortable.  He told us, "Everything is homemade and fresh."

It took a little while to look over the extensive menu.  Most of us decided to order soup.  While we waited for lunch to be prepared, we took in the scenery -- this is quite a dining room!  The walls are covered with eclectic paintings and decorations, from beer posters to Salvadoran tchotchke to African savanna scenes.  There are two big aquariums bubbling with clear water and tropical fish.  Two of the four walls feature big screen TV's which broadcast a series of distractingly sexy music videos.  Of most interest is the ceiling.  Painted as view into outer space, there are planets and stars and clouds.  An astronaut taking a space walk proudly holds a Salvadoran flag.  A shark swims through space with the name of the restaurant, El Churrasco, tattooed on its underbelly.  Who knew there was a place like this right in downtown Guazapa!

Our soups arrived.  We were a group of about a dozen people with a variety of orders, and it was clear that everything really was homemade!  After just one spoonful of the tortilla soup, I knew this was the best tortilla soup I have ever eaten in my life.  Each person around the table was murmuring, "Yummmmmm."  The owner reappeared, his shirt still bright white, but he was super sweaty and we could tell that he had been working hard.  "How do you like it?" he asked.  We all stopped slurping up our soups to say, "bien rica," which literally translates, "well rich."

Aaaahhhh...nothing like a super-satisfying lunch in a fun place with a group of friends.  I can't wait to visit El Churrasco again!

Note - the restaurant is located in Guazapa, Calle 5 de noviembre 222 and it is on Facebook!
Photo submitted by Beto


  1. Sounds like a very nice place to go, where is it located.?? which city..?? my wife and I are always looking for curious places to go..!!! and this seems to be like one of those..!! greets..!!

  2. What a day brightener. I want to go there today!

  3. I have received several emails from folks eager to eat here! In the coming weeks, I will be writing about a few more delicious locations...stay tuned...


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