Mission of Healing 2015

The Misión de Sanación Integral: Norte (Holistic Mission of Healing in the Northern Micro-Region) has concluded.  More than 630 men, women and children received attention, and 66 people volunteered to make the 4-day event happen.  There were a few challenges, as always, but overall the people who came from across the north-central part of the country seemed healthier and more in touch with their local healthcare providers than ever before.

We rented school buses and brought people to Fe y Esperanza - a former refugee camp owned by the Lutheran Church.  Volunteers came from the participating churches, our US companion synod and the Salvadoran healthcare system.  The event was set up as a rotation, and families were invited to pass through different stations during their half-day experience.  Each day brought different communities in the morning and in the afternoon.

Here is a photo diary of this year's Mission of Healing...
The team with the Mission of Healing Banner

Natural Medicine - this year's feature was the aloe plant

Charla about purifying water with UV rays from the sun

The Mesa Final - final table where folks could ask any
questions about medications they received from us
or from their doctors - and heads of households
received family health kits

Children's Area

Dental Charla (Conversation)

The Spiritual Healing Team on Day 1 - Additional pastors rotated
in and out of this team as they accompanied their communities

Local health promoters and nurses and physicians provided
direct care and held educational charlas about HIV, Diabetes
Hypertension and other topics

A little one practices brushing teeth while a member of the
team gives a charla about nutrition and the amount of
sugar and sodium in different beverages

HIV/Aids and Sexually Transmitted illness charla was given to ALL

Plastic dishes!  No disposable items as we work to care
for creation

High school students in their third year of study in
the area of health joined us for one full day - learning
and helping out in all areas



Registration lines as different communities arrive

Waiting for his first reflexology customer
Health checks - photos of exams are not posted for privacy
reasons, but we were blessed to have awesome Salvadoran
physicians with us throughout the week - nurses did triage

Thank you, Unidades de Salud!  We posted photos from
the October visits Deb and Linda did in various health
clinics and folks had fun finding their favorite health
professionals in the photos!
Hurray for artwork!

The adult activity center produced this thank-you banner
which features the names of the participating communities

The series of stories from the adventures of Deb and Linda in the Salvadoran healthcare system will continue after a few posts from the Mission of Healing, which concluded this week. Photos in this post were taken by Linda Muth and Jen Jerbi.


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