Antifaz Fun

The word for mask in Spanish is máscara.  This word is rooted in Arabic and relates to the idea of something false or hidden.  I recently learned that máscara is the word used for a mask that covers the entire face, and is made of plastic or paper maché.  There is a second Spanish word for mask, which is antifaz.  This word literally means "in front of the face" and is used for the kind of mask that covers the eyes.  Your favorite superhero or masquerade ball attendee might wear an antifaz.

You can find inexpensive antifaz masks at many craft stores or online for a very reasonable price, and if you happen to travel to El Salvador at Halloween, you might like to consider decorating these masks with little ones or adults.  Depending on the type of paper, you may need to use permanent markers.  Adults surely would enjoy adding sequins and feathers, so don't forget to pack the tacky glue.


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