Just Click: Covid-19 Diversion Episode

Here are a few pics from the camera roll from January, February and March 2020.  Community Art:  The View from the Passenger Seat.

These first few pics were taken along Bulevar de Malta in San Salvador, where the shrubberies are part of the fun!

Wait a minute, before we get to the pig, we need to check out the bicyclist.

Oh, hello ladies!

Whatever this creature is, it has platypus feet.  Are those rakes?  Clearly a photo during the rainy season needs
to be scheduled.  And, look closely at the cowgirl.

Over on Constitution, you will find wooden tricycles and scooters posing as planters.

Hermano, Bienvenido A Casa - Welcome home, brother
This monument was originally named "Hermano Lejano" and was constructed in 1994
to honor all of the Salvadorans who had left the country and whose hard work was (and is)
a vital support for Salvadoran families and the Salvadoran economy.  The monument was renamed
in 2002 as a sign of welcome to Salvadorans returning home, taking advantage of its
location where the highway to the airport enters the south side of San Salvador.

These columns outside of a yard chachkies shop along the highway to the north.  I didn't crop the photo 
because I like the way the colors from the pillars are reflected on the hood of the car. 

This is another example of roadside sculpture at a business along Avenida Amapolas.  I took this photo to show our Mission of Healing Yoga teacher.  Look for the yoga in the pic. 

Not a formal piece, but this is the kind of sidewalk display that makes every drive colorful.

The patron saint of Apopa, St. Catherine of Alexandria, is honored with a statue on the Troncal.  One evening, we
were driving by at sunset, and the soft colors surrounding the statue were beautiful.

In El Salvador, murals are everywhere!  This photo shows a typical wall along a typical busy street.  It gives you
the general idea of how a wall that was once just ugly cement or gang-tagged has become a canvas for spray-art.

Here's another new one!  I believe I captured this mural along Alameda Juan Pablo II

While this photo is not fantastic, I like the images of the traditional children's toys:  the capirucho (cup on a stick), yo-yo
and trompa (top)

Near the Hermano, Bienvenido a Casa monument, there is a little street which we drive down almost every day.
For a long while, this wall was covered with gang tags.  Then, someone came through and covered it with a pale
background and stenciled shapes.  As traffic jams on this street increased, so did the number of advertisers
who painted their promotions here.

Here is the same street, with it's new look.  During Christmas vacation 2019, artists were busy across the city of
San Salvador, transforming the landscape.  Each artist signed their work with their logo and Instagram tag.  The following photos feature a few before and after images.



This is one of the most beautiful murals in San Salvador, and is located on the outer wall of the Museum of Anthropology.


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