Just Click: Fifteen Minutes in Juayua

Sometimes a gracious delegation will let me tag along for a ride. This is a great way for me to get to where I need to be with a little extra fun and friendship along the way. In this way, I recently took an unexpected ride along the Ruta de las Flores. After the rainy months, this scenic drive between Sonsonate and Santa Ana is lined with flowers of all kinds, but this excursion was mysteriously (to me, anyway) planned during the dry time. The group was pretty tired of riding in the bus but remained in good humor, entertaining themselves with card games, music, jokes and conversation. Me, I got out my camera, cracked the bus window and started clicking away...we stopped for fifteen minutes in Juayua, which gave me a chance to click off a few photos from outside the bus. No flowers during this visit, but still plenty of interesting sites to catch my fancy.


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