The End of the Tales of Greasy and Grubby?

Greasy and Grubby have had many adventures in El Salvador, but because Greasy's home base is now a flight away from Grubby's home base, their travels together have lessened. This fall, Grubby had the opportunity to serve as a coordinator and guide for a church in her area which is building a new relationship with a sister church in the eastern part of El Salvador. Greasy was on her way to El Salvador, accompanying her new bishop and a friend to a wedding and then making a visit out to the eastern part of El Salvador. Well, when God creates opportunities like this for Greasy and Grubby, Greasy and Grubby make plans!

The two friends headed to El Salvador and crossed paths a few times during their different journeys there: big hugs in the Bishop's office, getting to know the people in Llano el Coyol, and a brief visit at the beach. At the end of their fun and responsibilities here and there, the two of them planned a weekend get-away in their sister church community. It was planned as a surprise, as much as anything can remain a surprise when folks are connected on Facebook.

The night before heading out to the community, Greasy and Grubby were packing up their stuff...
Grubby: "I guess I'll just have to wear these green hiking sandals to church."
Greasy: "I guess I'll just have to wear these flips with the purple flowers around the community."

Grubby laid out her gray skirt with the snappy and zippy pockets and moister-wicking fabric. Greasy laid out her gray skirt with the lace and ruffles.

Grubby pulled out her orange tailored blouse. Greasy pulled out her froofy pink and purple blouse and pink tank top.

"You're so frufy and I'm so campy." It was true. Greasy had packed a whole bunch of ruffly long skirts and flowing tops (that would be the fru-fru). Grubby had packed her outdoorsy skirts and campy shirts. Greasy and Grubby laughed and decided to adopt their new nicknames: Frufy and Campy. After all, no one really wants to be called Greasy or Grubby...

So, for now... we begin the new adventures of Campy and Frufy.

And, yeah, I was the campy one.

Next post: What Frufy and Campy experienced as they surprised their sister church community.


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