Jesus to the Rescue

A long while back we had a Vacation Bible School program entitled "Jesus to the Rescue" at our church.  There was a catchy theme song with simple words, "Jesus to the rescue, Jesus to the rescue, Jesus to the rescue...R-E-S; C-U-E; Jesus wants; You and me; Grab your gear; Get on board; Serving others; Led by the Lord..."

My kids still remember this song, and clearly I do too.  Every now and then it pops into our heads, especially if we have had a little rescue-experience which was unexpected or unusually fortunate.

We were taking the circuitous route through San Salvador, attempting to avoid the heavy Friday traffic.  There were about 15 of us in the small bus, and we were pretty tired after a long week of strategic planning meetings, presentations and dynamic conversations about sustainability.  As we maneuvered onto a busy street, we suddenly heard a thunk-thunk-thunk.  We opened a window and peered out at our wheels below.  Sure enough, the right front tire was flat down to the rim.  The driver pulled over, and radioed his boss.  "This could take a while,"  we thought.

"Hey, maybe there is a tire place nearby," someone wondered.  Just then the driver rolled ahead slowly and started to pull into a driveway on our right - a tire repair shop!  We couldn't believe our luck!  There in the midst of traffic extravaganza, we had a flat, but we also had a quick rescue.  We hopped out of the bus, stood around for a few minutes while the tire-guy popped off the old tire and replaced it with the spare, and we were off on our way again in no time at all.

Well, maybe this wasn't exactly a "Jesus to the Rescue" in a big miraculous or eternal life kind of way, but for us at that moment, it was just the little rescue we needed.  We hopped back onto the bus with all our gear and continued on our way, energized by our little rescue moment.  Thank you, Jesus, for all the big and small rescues you put into our lives.


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