Think Pink!

During the first week of August 1998, two churches officially became sister churches.  This year, we celebrate our fifteenth anniversary together.  How will we celebrate?  With a big pink quinceañera!

It all started with a trip last summer when a teen from our US congregation befriended a teen from our El Salvador congregation and they realized they were both turning 15 in the next year.  The idea for a joint party together this summer, complete with pink dresses and all the fanfare, was born.  The adult leaders in the mix realized this could be a fun opportunity to celebrate our sister church relationship and the quinceañera anniversary party became a real plan.

Dresses filled the Fellowship Hall
In the US, we gathered pink dresses.  Prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses, lacy and shiny, poofy and sparkly. Moms and daughters gave away dresses which had been lovingly cared for in the backs of closets.  One young girl and her mom shopped at second hand stores on a pink-dress scavenger hunt. Before we knew it, we had more than 30 pink dresses.  People also donated pastel and jewel tone maid of honor dresses. We packed the dresses into a giant suitcase and found a courier - none other than Tim of Tim's El Salvador Blog - to carry the dresses to El Salvador a month in advance of the party so that the community sewing school could alter the dresses to fit the birthday girls and their entourage.

Meanwhile, in our sister community in El Salvador, secret plans have been hatching for the big event.   When the suitcase of dresses was delivered, Tim had a some fun showing off the dresses for the Women's Ministries leaders.  (I will leave it to Tim to post those photos!)  They shared a few party details with him:  Little girls will be dressed in green, serving as hojitas (little leaves) to surround the birthday "flowers."  We also learned that 15 girls will celebrate their quinceañera birthdays at the party.

At the beginning of August, our delegation of 10 will travel from the US to El Salvador to celebrate and spend time with our sister church.  Two of the group are carrying their own pink dresses and will celebrate their birthdays with the girls in El Salvador.  Everyone is VERY excited about the upcoming fiesta!

to be continued...


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