Off the Beaten Path: Mike Mike

Sometimes it happens.  Plans fall through, transportation becomes a challenge, walking is not an option, so even if it is not your plan A for the day, you end up hanging out at Metrocentro.

If you live in San Salvador or visit San Salvador, you know about Metrocentro.  It's a mall.  It's gi-normous.  It's a bus-hub. You go there to window shop.  You go there to meet up with people.  If you are part of a delegation, you go there to run errands at the Dollar Store or Super, or you walk in circles trying to find the food court.

One day, recently, a friend and I found ourselves with plans that just could not get organized and there we were, with several hours to spend at Metrocentro.  We decided to embrace the experience, walking and walking, eating and eating, shopping and shopping.  This was hard-core, delegation-leader research:  figuring out which food courts have the best seating, which fru-fru coffee drinks are the tastiest, which places have fee wifi, and where to buy the cutest gifts for grandchildren.  We actually did learn some useful information and when we need to run to the mall with a group for food or stuff, we will actually be able to navigate without getting lost (hopefully).  One of our best finds came near the end of our Metrocentro adventure - Mike Mike.

We went in because we both love purses.  We did not NEED purses, but we saw no harm in looking.  I picked up a bag - good price, well-made, made in El Salvador.  I asked how long the store had been in business and the guy at the counter said 49 years.  I asked if everything was made in El Salvador and he said yes.  Huh, how is it that in all my Salvadoran adventures I had never learned about Mike Mike.

I bought a lunch box.  Seriously, I love this lunch box.  It is the best lunch box I have ever used.  It cost me $14.95 and I paid $6 for an adorable beach bag (perfect for a computer) as a "premio" for spending more than $10 on my first item.  The staff was super-friendly and kind, answering all my questions and allowing me to take photos.

There are Mike Mike stores located all over El Salvador.  They are on Facebook and have a web site.  The prices on the site are definitely higher than in the store, so if you are ever stuck for a day at Metrocentro...check it out!


  1. Hello Linda! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. It was so nice that the staff allowed you to take photos! Most stores do not allow it. Great post, thank you so much for sharing.


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