Off the Beaten Path: Shaw's

One fine afternoon, my friend and I decided to check out a small coffee shop in the neighborhood where we were staying.  It seemed like there were always cars parked out front, and from our investigations walking by a few times, it looked like a nice little coffee shop.  Coffee shop:  for sure!  But beyond coffee, this place has bakery, fantastic desserts, delicious gelato, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!

Folks from San Francisco, California might recognize the Shaw's name, and back in the day the chocolates were imported from San Francisco.  When the government of El Salvador passed a law regulating the importation of chocolate, the owners of the Salvadoran Shaw's had no choice but to learn how to make chocolate for themselves.  The chocolates and desserts might be described as European in style, but they are made locally at the Shaw's production kitchen.  The cacao is purchased from a Central American cooperative.

The menu at Shaw's offers breakfast, sandwiches and a variety of sweet items.  Once we discovered this place, we have especially enjoyed heading over for an afternoon coffee with dessert.  The coffee choices, which personally for me typically include chocolate, are delicious.  The atmosphere (at least at our frequented location) is relaxing and comfortable, with small cafe tables and chairs but also a couple of small sofas and a "reading room."  It is a good spot for meeting up with friends or for holding small meetings during mid-morning or afternoon when it is not crowded.  Shaw's also offers free wifi, and many of the coffee drinks come with a small piece of delicious chocolate.

Salvadorans often say that on a very hot day it is good to drink hot beverages.  I am not going to weigh on on that debate.  If you are not in the mood for an afternoon coffee, there is always gelato...


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