Just Click! And Keep Your Phone in Your Lap

Last month, I realized it has been a while since I posted an odd collection of photos taken out the car window.  As I browsed through my photos, I realized that during the past few months I have taken fewer pictures while driving around El Salvador.  Well, I would hate to think that I am becoming less observant or less curious about the curious...so I started keeping my phone in my lap and snapping a few more pics.  I always miss more odd sights than I capture, but I managed to record a few images for this edition of Just Click!

Several months after the fact, Black November signs still adorned the sides of this
roundabout.  Black November is a copycat English phrase based on the US idea of "Black Friday"
but since Salvadorans do not celebrate Thanksgiving, there is no such thing as
Black Friday. Black November is a meaningless advertising gimmick.

Sugar cane in a midland plain
Random clown and his kid.  Even clown dads are creepy.
Guys riding dangerously.

Guy riding dangerously.
Load of recycled stuff riding dangerously.
Coconuts for sale along the highway.  Everywhere.  All year round.  
Off of a dirt road in a very rural area, this family raises a few animals.  Notice
the yellow pig shelter.  If you remember the old pay phones that used to take prepaid
phone cards back in the '90's - then you remember those old yellow phone booths.
Yup, apparently they make great pig shelters.  Salvadorans are experts at recycling things.
An old car, billboards and ironing boards for sale along the road.  Just a
normal day at this roundabout.
If you have been to El Salvador, I guarantee you have at least one picture
of cows in the road, and not just because you are a city person.
Different intersections in San Salvador feature different items for sale.
This corner has been the "jammies" corner for as long as I can remember.
Spiderman.  Batman.  In the past, Superman.  I have never seen anyone make a
purchase, yet I have seen plenty of kids wearing Spidey PJ's.
It's just not every day you see Salvadoran flags on motorcycles.
A really beautiful clear day - El Sombrero Azul


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