Just Click: The Night before the Election

At 5 AM, ballots will be delivered to polls in sealed boxes.  Citizen poll workers, political party election watchers, and national and international election observers will begin their work as El Salvador conducts a presidential election.  Here are some final pre-election images from around the capital city...

Local mayors across the country promote their political parties
on billboards and overpasses

Official campaigns ended the previous weekend.  A caravan
of buses decked out with FMLN propaganda headed into San Salvador

Candidate forum for international election observers -
the FMLN ticket

VP Candidate for GANA - Nuevas Ideas

Voting centers popped up on Thursday.  The centers are run by the
political parties and are located near to the polling places.

Each party typically has a center at each polling site for the purpose
of assisting voters in finding where they are registered to vote.

Party flags are permitted.  Party flags with an X through them are not.
The X signifies "vote this way."

Observer:  Ecumenical Electoral Observation / churches in mission


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