Just Click: The Art of Defying Physics

Just a few physics-defying photos from January and February, 2019...

Even after almost twenty years, crazy quantities of stuff piled into
pick-up trucks still captures my attention.  Plastic resin chairs are THE
staple seating option found everywhere from offices to churches to
schools to clinics to homes.  They now come in lots of fun colors.
Prior to the election, we observed large quantities of chairs in
Nayib Bukele blue (celeste).
Anybody sleepy? This colorful creation is pretty cleverly balanced, though I am
 not sure how it would do on a really windy day!  Lots of churches have a
 small stash of colchones or mattresses for delegations and youth groups that
 spend the night.  These are also pretty typical of mattresses found in many homes.
Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.  Doesn't it seem like maybe
the two people waiting at the bus stop should take evasive action?
Sugar cane and garbage (in this case, recycling) are two of the most commonly
hauled products on this particular road..  This is just a little cane truck, maybe
 from one of the small plots of cane north of San Salvador.

Check out the two jugglers on unicycles, first spotted at night.  See the head
above the car on the left.  Follow the flying bowling pins down to the guy
on the cycle between the cars on the right.
Here you can see one of the cyclists during the day.

When we drive along, we tend to shout out stuff, partly as an
awareness thing, and partly to be funny.  My husband nonchalantly said
"Furniture."  He thought I should take a picture.

So I took a picture.  Yup, it was furniture alright.  Impressive.
Look for the umbrella.  Can you see the spinning ball on the spindle
at the top of the umbrella?  The umbrella is balanced on the street
performer's forehead and he is juggling.  Especially when I take photos,
I try to pay the performers - except if they are fire-breathers.
That should not be encouraged, in my opinion. 

Caught the same performer hours later.  As he took a bow, the ball dropped
off the spindle, proving to my impressed husband that it was
legitimately balanced and spinning.


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