Just Click: From Pick-Ups to Piñatas

We were driving the usual route between home and the church offices today, when we caught up to a pick-up truck making a rather wide right turn.  We recognized the familiar sign across the rear tailgate:  Precaution Future Driver with the phone number of the driving school, and we just cracked up.    This was one beat-up truck.  The rear bumper was missing, the sides were completely smashed in.  "Must not be a very good teacher," we chuckled.  It was impossible to get a good photo into the bright sun through our windshield, but I caught one from a distance as we turned off in another direction.  And I got to thinking, it has been a while since I posted a collection of road pics.  I don't always have a great camera with me, and I am often busy yelling "Look out!" to my trusty husband driver, but every now and then, I catch a little something that reflects a bit of real life in El Salvador.

Caught a quick pic of this pick-up the other day.  The sign says they give rides.
We noted the rides would be quite wobbly.

Wait, is this the same truck?  Rubber balls definitely enjoy wobbly rides.

This is the appropriate vehicle for this "road."  If they offered rides, I would accept.

Here are a couple more ride options on this dusty trail.

The pick-up segment of this story would not be complete without
a truck full of plastic resin chairs.

When you need to take your plant out for a ride, just grab the cooler and
some bungee cords.

This cyclist is competing with buses, cars and motor cycles, heading into
the city center to sell fresh bread.

While out in the suburbs...

Just a friendly reminder:  "On the highway, we are all fragile."

Big bump.

There is never a shortage of amusing road signs.  Did you know that
you can get towers of pancakes...at Pollo Campero?  (Yes, the chicken place.)

And if pancakes are not your thing, maybe try out Crunchy Fest
at Taco Bell.  (Pronounced Croonchy Fest)

It is well after Christmas, but you can still celebrate Merry Cheesemas.
Do I need to wear my cheesehead for this fiesta?

Merry Christmas!  Poinsettias grow everywhere.

Just a random pretty tree.

The national tree of El Salvador:  maquilishuat.

It simply cannot be safe to lean an extension ladder on the power
lines to repair the power lines.

Poet Roque Dalton lived in this home.  Supposedly Nayib Bukele
was going to transform it into a museum and book store, but so far there is
no evidence of that transformation.  The words on the left say "We kill poets."

I am guessing the Pilsener piñata is not what you purchase for your
6-year-old's birthday party.


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