Small Gifts of Hope as Another Storm Approaches

As the rainy season typically comes to a close in El Salvador by November, the seasonal change has upon occasion caused horrific storms and tragedies across Central America, including in El Salvador.  As we freshly mourn the loss of life and homes caused by the landslide in Nejapa, we are watching a category 4 hurricane ETA bear down on the coast of Nicaragua.  El Salvador's Ministry of the Environment has issued a red alert warning of flooding and landslides.  Prayers are needed for wise preparations, smooth evacuations, and safety during the storm. 

If you have not yet read about the landslide which occurred in Nejapa, you may wish to read the story I wrote a few days ago:  Landslide in Nejapa.  The story includes a little bit about Fe y Esperanza Lutheran Church, which is located in Nejapa.

As I mentioned in the first story, the Salvadoran Lutheran church orchestrated a rapid response with emergency items for families impacted by the landslide.  Yesterday, some of our friends in El Salvador shared words and photos about their efforts. 

Pastor Santiago described the efforts of the team as "an action of the presence of the love of God."

Pastor Abelina wrote:  Damages did not reach the community of La Granja [where Fe y Esperanza is located].  But as the church, we have asked the Lutheran Synod to share some donated clothes with the community Angelitos 2, which suffered strong damages and loss of life.  We are sharing photos ... thank you for your love and solidarity.

Relief supplies arriving near Los Angelitos 2

Items collected and organized for families in need

Pastor Abelina, Pastor David and members of Fe y Esperanza
sharing items with their neighbors

Pastor Santiago, Pastor Abelina and the team is sharing material help
and also providing comfort to the families suffering from trauma.

Pastor Abelina said this was a home.
This is where a family died.

November 2nd is celebrated as the Day of the Dead
in El Salvador, when beloveds who have died are 
remembered.  This was a particularly difficult day
for the families whose loved ones were buried in the mud.

Pastor David helping and talking with families.

May God bless these small gifts as signs of hope
for families who are grieving and need to rebuild
their homes and their lives.


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