Just Click: Adiós Septiembre y Hola Octubre

I clicked my way through September, still mostly seeing the sites in motion through the windows as the pandemic continues to impact gathering life, event life, celebration life.

September is independence month, so I'll start off with a little tribute to Salvadoran blue and white:

San Salvador, resting in the valley under a patriotic sky

Getting ready for a big game outside Estadio Cuscatlán

Car flags

No need to pop into Metro Centro to get your shirts - just make your
choice when traffic slows.

Obviously a flag...maybe less obviously with wheels...

...and connected to a corn car...

...and now you see it's a train. This mural is one of several painted by the artist
known as "El Indio". The murals are being made in conjunction with the 
mayor's office in San Salvador to help the community to "recover its values."
The idea is to tell stories which reach through time.  
What images do you see in this mural?

The stoplight at this corner only allows 2 or 3 cars to cross the intersection
during each cycle, which means I have a lot photos of this entrepreneurial 
hot spot in my Just Click collection. The car parts are a new addition.

Hospital El Salvador was busy throughout the month with COVID-19
vaccination campaigns.  Very little information is released about 
the situation inside, where reportedly there are not enough caregivers
for the patients needing care. The COVID situation in El Salvador
continues to be very serious.

Another day at the stadium.  

 Neptunos bar & restaurant is a well known landmark (essential for giving
directions to drivers in this area of the city). We were shocked to see
the famous mural had been white-washed, but no worries! The
artists have begun their work to create something new.

Neptunos gives me a chance to transition into the next theme:  food promotions.

Including this for all the Fanta fans - and, well, there is a flag.

Make your return to classes fun! Pulp.
OK, why is this called "Pulp" because I don't know any kids that 
actually like pulp.  And, nice rip-off of Scooby.

Am I missing something? Because this seems disgusting.
Pollo Campero advertising chicken nuggets, coated with flamin'
hot Doritos with sticky sauce.  Definitely not health food.

Award for the most gigantic cookie advertisement.
The new dimension in chocolate.

Speaking of big - this pasarela (walkway) boasts Muuuuuuucha carne
Clearly we want to eat where they have the masters of the meat (beef).  

I had to include this guy who has set up his grill on the side of Bernal,
and grills all the meats.  The smoke rises and can be seen from a good
distance, and the aroma is as good as in the parking lot at a 
Milwaukee Brewers baseball game.  We often see police vehicles
lined up around the corner to get this guy's food.

Cat Chips. What?
The store is an agropecuario - so an agricultural store.
Maybe cat food?

Not exactly food promotion, but, this is one heck of a lot of egg cartons.

This is where promotion and delivery merge.  
Soups and sauces do taste wonderful with Maggi seasoning.
That chicken powdery stuff is THE secret ingredient.  
Even Salvadorans know it is not good for you, especially if you
have high blood pressure or cardiac concerns.

Not exactly food. Not exactly food promotion. 
At first I was just going to snap a pic because the vehicle was
so rustic and reminded me of a clown car packed so full.
As we got closer, I noticed it carried trees and all kinds of gardening things.
My friend, Susan, and I often have cars that are filled up like this for our church's urban
gardens, so I snapped this pic in the spirit of solidarity and healthy food production.

And I come to the final two photos for this month's Just Click theme:

We made it indoors! It was great to connect with old friends and to make a few new ones.
The Artisan Market is fully open (masks and safety protocols in place),
and the aisles were still festooned in blue and white when I took this
photo at the end of the month.

This photo captures the transition from September to October.  Do you see the colorful
piscuchas (kites) at the end of the display?  October 1st is the day of the child,
and throughout the month, children will fly their kites in the October winds.


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