Blog Action Day - Faces and Food

Today is Blog Action Day, and the topic of the day is food.

Today has also brought more rain, more mud, more flood, more loss and more grief to the people of El Salvador. It has been hard to keep up with the news from all of the sister church communities with which we are connected. It's hard to think about our friends being wet and hungry and scared. It's hard not to think about what all of this rain will mean for the dry season ahead -- what the loss of corn and beans and fruits and vegetables will mean for families who are wet and hungry tonight, but face a long dry possibility of being very hungry in the months ahead.

During the non-stormy times, we talk together about food sustainability and learn together about organic gardening and maximizing land use and fertility by growing companion crops and creating city gardens in pots and vertical spaces.

During the stormy times, we give thanks for emergency foods which have been stored for a rainy day...

"Today we went to the community of Puerto Parada to deliver the food."

"How was your experience today in Puerto Parada?"

"It was excellent. The people were very joyful when we gave out the food. They told us that they had not had anything to eat because they could not leave much less go out to work."

"A happy and slightly sad situation at the same moment, right?"

"Yes, when I looked into the faces of the people - they were happy - satisfied to receive the food and I felt super happy and told them that all of you have prayed for them."

"Thank you for being the hands of God and the instruments of our prayers today."

"The people send many greetings to all of the people in your community."

This conversation occurred tonight as the rains were letting up slightly and the internet connection cut in and out.

This photo was taken during my last visit to Puerto Parada.


  1. thanks so much for your help and yes how horrible are the rains, was there for Mitch and Ida,


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