There is God

It's raining.

It rained all day. It rained last night. It rained yesterday. It rained the day before.

The hurricane season has another month of life. At the end of the season tropical storms seem often to hover for days and days. The soil is saturated and begins to sink or to slide. The streets become rivers and the rivers become lakes. The corn is covered and the beans are buried by the waters.

School days are lost. Work days are lost. Crops are lost. Homes are lost. A few, and hopefully only a few, lives are lost.

Today there is much news of loss.

And today, there is also news of hope and thanks.

"Thank you for your prayers and thanks be to God that although the water has been running down the gully in front of the church, no families have been affected."

"Thank you for your prayers and thanks be to God the food was delivered."

"Hi, thanks be to God we are all OK and God has kept us safe from the danger. Thank you for your prayers."

Where there is loss, there is God. Where there is hope, there is God.


  1. there is God and it loves El Salvador, the smallest counry with the biggest heart, yes we get slammed so much, lost my GF and my dog in 2001 earthquake, almost me also, sad but life moves on, we are tested each and every day in 'The Saviour'
    prayer every day, on ones knees or sublimated is a must


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