A Rain Story III

It's hard to describe the sound and the force of a tropical rain shower, but I found this little video clip which I recorded one morning during a surprise storm. Here are some things I have been told when hiding from the rain...

"You can't go out there! You'll slip and break a bone!"

"Don't get wet in the rain, you'll get the flu."

"Wrap the babies up tight during the rainy season, otherwise they pee and pee and get sick."

"Be careful not to get wet, the rain is acid and it will hurt you."

One time we got caught in the rain at the main bus top in Apopa. On a good day it is a challenge to find the right bus while jostling through the crowd along the highway. Our sister pastor wove among the people with Greasy and me trying to stay close behind like a couple of good little ducklings. Suddenly the heavens opened up and torrents of rain poured from the sky. Pastor glanced over his shoulder to see if we were with him, and gave us a look which said "Oh well."

We stood for a moment, clutching our backpacks and feeling the steam rise from the tops of our wet heads. Soon the bus arrived, and we pushed and jostled just like everyone else to get on board. The two of us were not quite as assertive as our pastor, but we all made it safely aboard. Greasy and I burst out laughing, two soaking wet ducklings, relieved to be with each other on the right bus with our mama duck pastor watching over us.


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