Election Day in El Salvador Part 4

If you are following the twists and turns of the March 9th presidential election in El Salvador on Tim's El Salvador Blog, you know that five days after the election, the ARENA party is contesting the declared victory of FMLN candidate Salvador Sánchez Cerén.  As an observer, I do not believe that there could have been widespread voter fraud.  The checks and balances of the system seem to make it easy for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to review the voting process as is being demanded.  My hope is that during this drawn-out process, that those who are working to build peace, to build relationships among people and to grow a just society are the victors.

Here are a few final images from election day...
Our "super-official" car sign which allowed us to park nearby and identified
us as neutral observers.

Fire-fighters (following an ARENA bus) on their way to fight a grass fire.

Two little girls, learning about the voting process.

Youth in Santa Tecla, giving out yellow ribbons and hosting an outdoor
concert to encourage everyone to get out and vote the next day.

A somewhat small parade for International Women's Day on March 8th,
the day before voting.  Because political rallies are not allowed during
the few days prior to election day, turn-out for this usually large event
was diminished.  Everywhere we went, though, women were specially
 honored and given extra voice!


  1. One plain truth: Harmony all around this appointment. I did not find any violent act the whole day, or at the news reports. This has been one of the most peaceful elections in El Salvador. Great for our country!


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