Just Click: San Salvador 2014

Every now and then, I take a ride through San Salvador with my camera at the ready.  I stick it out the window and click...never knowing what images I might capture.  Despite the rainy weather, I managed to collect a few images from October 2014:
Arbol del Fuego - Tree of Fire -- blooming in full force all
across the city and countryside

It's hard to appreciate just how closely we drive next to the buses
when in the center of the city

This photo is not auto-corrected - this is the real color of the sky
on this day...the blue and white of the sky reminded me of
the Salvadoran flag...which, appropriately, is flying next to the
monument to the constitution

The mayor's office in this municipality adjacent to San Salvador
has a huge problem organizing trash pick-up

Along the round-abouts on the north side of the city, people
sell a variety of things, from coconuts to furniture.  During October,
kites are for sale because the winds usually come and it is the
month of the child

Mural along Constitution Blvd

A new twist on an old favorite - green mango with chili!
The mango is put onto a spindle and rotated and cut to create
long spirals of mango (in the bags) - add the magic powders
and sauces and you have one of my favorite treats.  (You
can recreate this in the US with green apples, cumin, lime juice
and chili sauce.)

When the October winds come, so does cold and flu season.
Salvadorans really love their cough medicines...and many people
know how to make them from the plants in their gardens!

On the northern outskirts of the city, Nejapa Power has expanded
its diesel power plant.  This formerly wooded valley was cleared for
sugar cane, and now the cane competes for land space with factories
and housing developments.


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