Happy New Year!

If you search "new year" in this blog, you will find a variety of different stories and traditions which we have shared in over the years.  During a recent visit to the US, friends from our sister church shared a few different traditions with us...

From Jocelyn:
Well, I don't really understand this, but there is this older lady who lives down the way from us.  On New Year's Eve, she takes a suitcase.  I think it is empty.  She walks all the way down the street, carrying her suitcase, to the town square.  Then she sets it there for a minute and then walks back.  It's like she takes all of the bad things from the previous year out to make a place for better things in the new year.

From Pastor Santiago:
Just before midnight, we sing this song, called "Five Minutes til Midnight".

And from a friend via Facebook:
On New Year's Eve we break an egg into a glass of water.  We set the glass on the window sill and leave it there all night.  Then in the morning we look at the egg to see what kind of luck we will have in the new year.  If the yolk is in tact and still round, we will have good luck.  If the yolk is irregular, then your luck will be bad.

The most important tradition for the New Year in El Salvador is to spend the transition from old year to new with family and friends.  Families share food together in their homes, and often spend the time from midnight into the wee hours of the morning lighting fireworks and dancing.  New Year's Day is spent at home or at the beach with extended family.

Happy New Year to all of our family and friends throughout the Americas!


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