Little Marchers for Independence Day

Blue and white.  September is the month of blue and white - from balloon arches and tissue paper streamers to little flags fluttering from car windows, El Salvador's national colors paint the month of September.

In small towns and municipalities, Independence Day celebrations are led by school administrators, teachers and band directors.  Parades and fiestas pop up throughout the month, but the big day is September 15th.  Streets are blocked off, big stages with giant speakers are set up in front of mayor's offices, Ministry of Education officials prepare their speeches, and little children practice the pledge to the flag.

This year, I marched with our community family circle (like a preschool for parents and kids from age 0 to 4).  The littlest marchers in Salvadoran Independence Day parades dress is costumes that reflect their future career choices.  They walk beside their moms or dads, and usually end up being carried for a good portion of the parade.  The creativity and stamina of the parents is impressive.  By the end of the parade, the little ones and parents were ready for a slice of pizza, a cold drink and a nap.

Here are a few photos of the tiny marchers:

Check out these professionals!

Lining up to start the parade

This flight attendant made it to the end of the first block
before needing a little help from Mom.

The lawyer gives a little legal advice to the soccer coach.

One family with a general physician and a surgeon, and the vet with her dad.

The police officer needed a little help too.

Kindergarten marchers in traditional attire.

The kindergarten drum corps

Tiny twirlers

Each dance group performed in the intersection

These older students marched with the flags of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala,
Nicaragua and Costa Rica, celebrating the independence of Central America

Pizza time!

Piloting a plane takes a lot out of a little guy.

Dad takes over the flight attendant's job while she takes a nap


Families meet up at a school where the students received cold drinks
and donuts.  September is also the month of the donut - 2 for 1 at
Mister Donut!

For a brief story from a year ago...
Happy Independence Day


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