Just Click: Drive Slower, My Photos are Blurry!

It has been about a month and a half since the last time I posted random car photos.  These are a few of the Just Click photos I took during February and the first part of March.

Entrepreneurship out on the Streets

Swimwear available for sale outside the Estadio El Mágico

Yes, buying underwear off the street is a thing.  Check out the saleswoman,
comfortably seated to the right of the tree, and check out the guy looking or
maybe trying not to look like he is looking at her collection.

No matter how hard San Salvador tries to eliminate the informal market
outside of the formal market, sellers set up their stands.  Yes, this is the place
to buy toilet paper.

Small eateries built at the edge of the road overlooking beautiful valleys
is a thing.  And I always wonder who was brave enough to construct such a thing.

Pushing a little cart around all day in the hot sun cannot be easy.

Appliance repair?  Random appliances for sale?  And firewood.

We drive past this corner several times a week.  I have never seen anyone
purchase the superhero PJ's, but there is new product hanging out here
on a regular basis.  So, there must be little kids running around wearing
Batman and Spiderman because now there is this green guy.

Not only pajamas but water and other things too.

By the big soccer stadium, you can ALWAYS get shirts!

This business started as a few plants and stands by the side of the road.
Now there is a quite a big nursery here!

100% American Shoes.

There is always a ton of furniture at this roundabout.  Also, now, there are clocks.
It is so much work to set this up on a daily basis.

Atoll for sale!  This is near the Lempa River bridge, and corn grows in the
valley all year round, it seems.

There is a huge construction project in Apopa.  Of course, the workers need water!

It was a quite day in La Libertad, but during the weekend, the streets
are lined with vendors ready to sell empiñadas to people stuck in traffic.

Things in Trucks

Cow.  What I missed was a second truck with a cow passing this one.
The cows gave each other a nod and a moo.  It was seriously funny.

Live chickens on the move, perhaps on their way to China Wok.

Sometimes we play a game - can we identify what is in the truck in
front of us.  Onions.

And we weren't sure...

but have you ever seen green peppers this huge?


Valley of the Angel

Plaza Mundo in Apopa

Plaza Mundo

The highway to La Libertad - check out the water channels (the white
things on the hills)

Water management on these hills is critical, as is spraying water on the
soil during construction in the dry season.

Beautiful Scenery


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