Celebrating Epiphany - A Photo Diary

Happy Epiphany!

In El Salvador, celebrations of the Day of the Magi Kings come with fireworks (of course) and processions. Some families, churches, political entities and community groups give gifts to children, in the way that gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were given to the child Jesus. This is especially true during election years.

Los Héroes Lutheran Church's Epiphany celebration

Today's Sunday morning worship in the Lutheran Church celebrated both the Epiphany (following the twelfth day of Christmas, traditionally celebrated on January 6) and the Baptism of Jesus. Pastor Santiago's message reminded us that Epiphany means manifestation. In the presence of the star, God was made manifest to astrologers from far away lands, who were motivated to leave their homes, travel long and difficult journeys, and bring costly gifts to the Christ child. In baptism, God is made manifest in each one of us, just as God was revealed in the baptism of Jesus. As children of God, we are all equally loved and equally called to make God's love manifest wherever we are. If those Magi could leave their homes, endure the long journey, and sacrifice to give Jesus expensive gifts, how come it is so hard for us to even take one step or move our little finger to share God's love?  Message:  Get out there and make God manifest and see everyone you encounter as a manifestation of God's love. 

After worship, we broke into ministry groups to talk about the pastoral and outreach work of the church. How are we as a church going to make God manifest in the community during 2023?  During the visioning time, we shared Rosca de Reyes (Kings Bread - in the shape of a crown). In some cultures, it is customary to hide a small baby Jesus in the bread which one lucky person will find.

These Magi seem very joyful as they prepare to share Epiphany bread.

In El Salvador, like in many places, it is customary to keep the Christmas decorations which were put up after All Souls Day (November 2) in place until Epiphany has passed. So, as a final nod to Christmas 2022 and Epiphany 2023, let's take a little Epiphany Day peek into this season's decoration photo diary...

First Stop:  El Ático pupuseria in Planes de Renderos
where you can have your picture taken with the gingerbread man

Plaza Barrios in early November as the decorations were being put into place

Iglesia El Rosario - Church of the Rosary from Plaza Libertad

Plaza Libertad

Plaza Libertad

Installing the City of San Salvador Christmas tree 
at Plaza Salvador del Mundo (with Saint Romero in the foreground)

Small businesses get into the Christmas spirit

The most beautiful Christmas decorations in El Salvador
are the ones which nature provides.
This is outside a home in Los Héroes.

Captured this quick pic while crossing a street near the UCA
after the evening vigil in memory of the assassination of the six Jesuits and two women

World cup meets Christmas in November at Pizza Hut

Really big mall Santa

Corporations sponsor several displays around San Salvador.
The golden arches speak for themselves.

The malls have pretty great decorations

We happened to be at a mall after church today. The Polar Express
Train and kids' area are huge. Check out this slide which is constructed
over the giant mall staircase.

Happy Epiphany from downtown Antiguo Cuscatlán

For more about Epiphany, follow the previous links imbedded within this story and read about January Holidays in El Salvador.


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