Small Wonderfuls

It was Wednesday. The pastors gathered for worship and study and conversation about current events and what the church is doing. The bishop led the group in a discussion about end times - what the Bible says versus what's out there in popular myth. He brought in Mayan beliefs, Nostradamus, Hollywood and the recent floods. The response to the floods was consuming most of the time, energy and life of the pastors and their congregations.

Within the midst of the bishop's history and intellect and theology was a very short story. "I once met a little girl with a doll, and the little girl said, 'Thank God for the earthquake, because without it, I would not have this wonderful doll.' "

Small wonderfuls are God's way of showing us that he is with us, no matter how bad it gets. What is your small wonderful today?

(Note: Linda took this photo in 2005 at a refugee center for victims of a volcano eruption.)


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