Off the Beaten Path: San Jorge

Oh, I remember this! -- a wide black dirt road with concrete steps as off-ramps...

As we drove down the "road" to the church in San Jorge, a few of us had our memories jogged by this unusual thoroughfare. San Jorge is one of the towns in El Salvador which uses a huge dry river bed as a main road into and out of this part of town. The wide sand-gravel pathway is perfect for a pick-up or a group of women with plastic containers on their heads...when there is no water flowing. Yet when the water comes, it comes flowing down from the hills in a rush, and all those who live and work and attend school along the route are trapped until the rush is gone. For some, that might mean an extra three hours or maybe an overnight at the church. There is an early warning system near the church, which can blast out a warning if a storm is coming or the rush of water looms. It did make me wonder if there would be wisdom in having a rowboat nearby.

On this day, our visit to San Jorge ended with perhaps the best pupusas that we have ever had. The revueltas were fried crispy and the plain queso ones were thick and bubbly. Que rica!!!!!


  1. omg i remember this traveling here soon omg i miss this so much can you upload more of the river thing it brings back so many memories

    1. I will try to find some more pics and stories...I sure do remember being stuck at the church in San Jorge for a bit during an unexpected storm. We also went back after there had been some flooding to see some of the road washed away. And, I have been back to the pupusa place since that visit and it was just as good as I remembered! They fry the pupusas in oil so they are extra crispy...nothing better than that oozy crispy cheese!


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