Off the Beaten Path: Festival in a small town

We were on our way to El Mozote, and came upon a small town. The streets were closed around the square, so we decided to stop and enjoy a little slice of life and a little lunch in a quiet town.

Well, normally quiet...but on this day live music from a local folk band blasted out from towers of black speakers. Groups of children with a day off from school were sitting around bright white, concrete picnic tables which surrounded the square. A homemade banner was strung across the church, "Ecological and Nutritional Festival."

We enjoyed the music and the people, and then stopped into Comedor Gloria for a little bit of the local stew and some Kolashampan (yeah, I'm one of those who likes the taste of orange creamsicle soda). We continued to listen to the music while eating and we apparently also served as entertainment for a big group of teens who had also come into the cafe to hang out and drink Cokes. No doubt they were enjoying about my cool gringa accent.

As we drove out of town, continuing on our journey, I was left cool it is to have an ecological and nutritional festival. Maybe another great Salvadoran idea to take home with me.


  1. I bet they loved your cool gringa accent, chica. I, too, love the orange dreamsicle soda--- yay for Sprecher! Good story.... I feel as though I was there myself. :-)

  2. thanks for the post, I am 'homesick' and cannot wait to get back to El Salvador


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