He's Here!!

Halfway through the afternoon, D's voice rang out, "Linda, he's here! Jorge Miguelito is here!"

In the midst of a hectic and hot and dusty and busy day of healing, a moment of joy burst forth. Jorge Miguelito, a little guy who we had first seen 3 years ago during the Mission of Healing, was here!

I grabbed my camera and explained, "con permiso, I need to see a little boy" to the nurse and patient team beside me. I ran into the next space and there was the family, including little Miguelito.

Jorge Miguelito's mom said the surgery to form his upper palate had gone well. With those big brown eyes and shy smile, he captured everyone's heart. God had answered our prayers -- our curiosity about Miguelito was satisfied and we got to give him a squeeze and a kiss for luck for another healthy year and a good outcome for his next surgery.

God bless you, little Miguelito!


  1. WWhat a wonderful addition to my day!! Zach will love to hear he's doing well too. Gracias, Miss Linda!! :-)


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