Mi Favorita

It has been a long day. At this moment we are sitting out on the porch, catching up on email, enjoying the cool of the evening.

We had escaped the blizzard by departing from the north a day early, spent extra time in Houston, learned that an ice storm was about to hit Houston, made it out of Houston, had to turn around after flying an hour southward due to a mechanical issue which did not allow us to control the ice or the air pressure, boarded our second plane for the day out of Houston and made it out just before the airport closed.

After a adventure and lesson in patience in the aduanas (customs) office, we drove to our destination, and here we are. We were warmly greeted by our friends, and Alma, who is the best cook perhaps in all of San Salvador, asked us what time we wold like to eat dinner. She usually asks us what we would like to have to eat, and tonight I told her to surprise us. Alma laughed and said, "Of course, I have a surprise for you."

At 7 pm Alma greeted us on the porch with a big platter of piping hot relleno de guisquil - thick slices of green squash-like vegetable with cheese, dipped in egg and fried, and covered with a delicious red sauce. This was a grand gift - a gift of hospitality and love. Alma remembered that this dish is my favorite, and she made it special for our first night here. She was all smiles. "You know that I know what you like best," she said, as I gave her a big hug and showered her with thank-yous.

This was a family welcome - a welcome filled with love and special care. It was a beautiful and warm way to end a long and tiring day.


  1. What a kind story! Please give my love to Trini and Alma, and have a great trip. :-)


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