What Epiphany has to do with President Obama

As we were driving past the San Salvador hotel where President Obama will be staying later this month, our driver said that during the visit, all these streets would be closed. "They're really cleaning up this area and increasing the security. Obama will not get to be close to the people."

We passed by a gentleman who was crossing the street in his wheelchair, and our driver said, "Look at this wheelchair. It is the man's invention. See, he can use it like a bicycle with his hands. People need to see this." Beneath this comment was the heartfelt desire that President Obama and others get to see not only a beautiful street, but the beautiful people of El Salvador.

Earlier in the week, Bishop Gomez had reminded us that we were in the season of Epiphany. This is the time when we are reminded of the Magi, who sought to find the new king who had been born. They first traveled to Jerusalem to speak with King Herod, and the result was the slaughter of innocent babies. They then traveled to Bethlehem, and among the common people they found the child Jesus. "This is a sign for President Obama," stated the Bishop. "When those with wisdom and power speak only with those in power, there is suffering. When those with wisdom and power speak with the people, there is Jesus."

Fellow blogger, Tim, posted a story today which speaks to the hope that President Obama will speak with the people. Perhaps he will. Perhaps he will meet Jesus.


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