I was walking through a prickly dry field in Cihuatán, laughing with Pablo about which one of us was the guide. It was his first time to the site, although he lives not too far away. I asked him a question about a tree, and he shared a lot of information about its fruit and different uses. Interesting stuff - and not printed on the historical brochure. I said, "Hey, I should make a blog and write stories - stories from the people, with occasional recipes, filled with the wisdom of the abuelas and middle age guys like Pablo. I'm going to call it, 'Linda's El Salvador Blog.'"

Now, some readers may be familiar with a pretty famous blog entitled, Tim's El Salvador Blog, which is an amazing source of news and information for English speakers whose lives are connected to El Salvador and her people. Tim is very supportive of my idea to create a different kind of blog, and ... the title? Well, of course Linda's El Salvador Blog had to be the title.

So, welcome to Linda's El Salvador Blog, born on April 1, 2010. Hmmm...no, this is not a joke!

And ... stay tuned for the post about that tree!


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